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Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is essential for avoiding serious dental problems, as well as bad breath. Simple dental hygiene routines such as regular brushing, flowing and using mouthwash can help prevent tooth decay, toothache, gingivitis (gum disease) and halitosis (bad breath).

But regular dental hygiene isn’t limited to promoting dental or oral health. It also can effectively help prevent serious health conditions such as bacterial pneumonia, stroke and heart attack.


The progression of gingivitis involving inflammation and infection of the ligaments and bones support the teeth can cause periodontal disease. Periodontitis occurs when infected or inflamed gums are left untreated or if treatment is delayed.

The infection or inflammation can spread from the gums to the ligaments and bones supporting the teeth. This, in turn, causes the teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. While periodontitis is irreversible, you can halt its progression by visiting your Melbourne Dentist Clinic dentist regularly and following good oral hygiene.


You should floss your teeth at least once a day as part of good oral health care. Learn tips on how to floss your teeth properly.


Good oral health is defined as the absence of all active disease in the mouth. It is an important part of your overall well-being and allows you to enjoy your life without discomfort or embarrassment.

Good oral health is a basic expectation of all Australians. Oral health and the elimination of disease are significant in their own right and for their contribution to general health.


Bad breath – technically called halitosis – is a common condition that is caused by sulphur-producing bacteria living and breeding on the surface of the tongue and in the throat.

Treatment for halitosis depends on its underlying cause, which can include nasal and sinus infections, dental infections, dry mouth, and smoking.

Good oral hygiene, including daily brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning and the use of mouthwash, will help eliminate the bacteria that cause halitosis.

At Melbourne Dentist Clinic, we offer the most technologically advanced dental services and the highest quality dental care that focuses on the patient.

At Melbourne Dentist Clinic, we are experienced in the most up-to-date general dental procedures and technologies and offer quality general dental care with a patient-centered focus.

To make an appointment with the Melbourne Dental Clinic or to discuss dental hygiene, please call (03) 9999 9703.

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